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Yasuke Komatsu, Kanazawa

apa hotel kanazawa

Yasuke Komatsu, hidden away on the ground floor of a mundane business hotel in Kanazawa, Ishikawa prefecture Japan


A true master at work, achieving perfection while every movement remains effortless and in harmony


Ika, paper-thin sliced squid

???? akami

Akami, lean tuna with a special sauce followed by freshly cut green aubergine


One of the various white fish


The apprentice


Signature dish:  beautifully arranged rice, maguro, uni and yam


Negi toro maki and toro sushi


Seasonal clam

???? abalone sushi


???? mackarel sushi

Marinated mackerel




Spotted sardine


Considered to be a national treasure by his patrons – many of whom have travelled from different corners of Japan


Yasuke Komatsu

APA Hotel Kanazawa – Katamachi

2-21-1, Ikedamachi, Kanazawa-shi, Ishikawa

+ 81 (076) 261 6809